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The following section is dedicated for the press releases and the interviews with Wadih Mrad. Click on the image to view the whole interview.

Wadih Mrad: I Appeal World Peace


Modest,Free Spoken,Serious And Persevering...This Shortly The Characteristic Based On Our Interview...


"I Was Eating Bread and Olives, and I Did Not Bend."


Al-Shabaka: For 1ST tIME Reveals The Singer Wadi Mrad Facts and The Files has Disclosed Before,And Talking About Things and Projects Artistry and Personality.
"Sabeh" Was Another Of His Songs and Distinctive Raised in the Owl "Best Of Wadih Mrad."


Wadih Mrad.. I am Free To Optional


Azhar Magazine: The Arab Star Wadih Mrad Have His Own Production Company And he Make An Album Included The Best Of Wadih Mrad During His Career With Him It Was This Interview.


Rendez Vous With Wadih Mrad in Star Magazine.


Star Magazine: A Romantic Voice Collect Between The Classic,Popular And Tarab...His 1st Album "La-Tenheni" Achieved Well Success And People are Still Asking To Hear The Song So Far...ٍSeven Years Passed Like Yesterday...He is The Singer Wadih Mrad.


Dont Compare Wadih Mrad Voice...With Georges Wassouf Voice


Sawa Magazine Released In 15/03/2007 Wadih Mrad... Never Got Down And He Prove He's A Star With Himself...


Al Shabaka Magazine: Wadih Mrad "Contract With Georges Wassouf Band After Abou Wadih Concerts Breakdown"!



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